Zcash ZEC

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a new type of cryptocurrency which has been designed with privacy as a major factor. This software was developed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company and was released in December 2020. It focuses on two things. One, it helps you move your cryptocurrency easily from one place to another. This software allows you to do it at the push of a button, which helps a lot when you have several accounts with many different websites.

Second, it protects your confidential transactions, like those made on online business. Privacy in these digital form of transactions is essential because if the transaction is not encrypted then hackers could see the entire transaction log. Even if a hacker got hold of all the information available about you, you would not be able to use your money again, because then they would know your private information. The great thing about this privacy based system is that no physical paper trail will be left behind, even if the transaction is done offline.

You can also use this software for both financial and privacy protection. Since this cryptocurrency works on a system called Zerocoin, no one will be able to connect you with your transactions. All your transactions will remain confidential, secure and untraceable. Zcash is being used by many people who are not using Bitcoin. Using this software does not require any initial deposit or buy. All you need is to enter a number of Zcash and send it to a designated Zcash address.

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