This blog post is about how to spot a TrueUSD trading signal. There are some interesting indicators that are becoming more popular in the crypto markets that I have had some experience with and will share with you some tips for spotting them. First, there is the Moving Average Convergence (MACD). MACD can be used to indicate which direction a currency is going in as well as if it has peaked or just gone up a little bit.

Another popular indicator is called the SPY 2 Day, the longer moving average, which is shown as the season price. Another important thing is looking at the simple moving average (SMA) on the charts of your chosen crypto. There are a lot of indicators out there that look good but for one reason or another they never work in the long term. You need to identify which ones you can trust and look to see if they are successful in the long term, even in the short term.

You might be interested in this trading guide, which is an overview of TrueDollars Indicators. Most of the indicators are great in my opinion and they can make a significant difference in how you look at the market.

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