Stratis STRAT

When people hear about cryptocurrencies, most will think about Bitcoin. The history of this technology is remarkable and truly revolutionary. It is truly a new and improved way to store and transmit value that can take the place of traditional methods of money transferring. Another interesting thing about Bitcoin is that it is not regulated by any government, unlike a traditional currency. In addition, its status as being both digital and unregulated makes it a great investment and valuable commodity for traders. However, for many investors and speculators, this is not enough. They want to know how can I buy Stratis and when will it be available?

Now that we have an introduction to the technology of cryptocurrency, let’s look at technical analysis. A cryptocurrency is defined as any asset that is based on a shared database. These assets are usually backed by a digital representation of assets such as stock, bonds, and foreign currencies. This shared database is known as the blockchain. For a stock, this represents ownership, whereas for a bond, it represents interests and for a currency, it represents the value of the unit. The transaction takes place directly between users, rather than between a central authority and a user. Of course, many individuals use other forms of virtual assets, such as a RTC (retail transaction coin) to trade in a limited sense.

The use of blockchain technology has given cryptocurrencies, like Stratis, a distinct advantage. Stratis uses the same technology as Bitcoin and others. However, Stratis will allow anyone to have access to a decentralized exchange network with no borders or fees. As an added bonus, this is a great solution for anyone who wants to have access to secure, instant transactions at any time. More specifically, Stratis will work well with enterprise-level businesses that may wish to have access to a secure exchange for their customer base, while still having access to customers located around the world.

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