Prime Trust Launches Rebranding Campaign to Reinforce its Open Banking Focus

LAS VEGAS, March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Prime Trust is excited to announce its rebranding campaign as a leading open banking platform that reinforces the company’s commitment to leading the market for API-driven solutions. Prime Trust’s rebrand fully embraces “open banking” – technology-accessible financial infrastructure. Prime Trust accomplishes this by providing robust application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable direct, on-demand, 24/7 access to mission-critical financial services.

Prime Trust’s solutions are built for fintech innovators building disruptive financial applications and services. It serves as the financial foundation for any type of company including mobile banking apps, exchanges, OTC desks, broker-dealers, real estate syndicators, crowdfunding portals, issuance platforms and others. Prime Trust’s infrastructure sits behind the scenes as the financial foundation enabling fintech businesses to create compliant and scalable applications.

“Open banking is transforming financial infrastructure before our very eyes,” said Scott Purcell, CEO and Chief Trust Officer of Prime Trust. “Fintech companies need a technology-driven financial institution that provides a wide range of open banking capabilities so they can build their businesses with confidence. That’s where we come in. Our foundational infrastructure features API-accessible services including payment processing, compliance, account management, escrow, tax reporting, asset custody, and more. We’ve planned for the open banking revolution for years by offering forward-thinking services and will continue to lead the market.”

As a member of the American Bankers Association, Prime Trust is a leading financial services provider operating in real estate, fintech, cryptocurrency and many more industries. Most recently, BlockQuake launched their live beta testing using Prime Trust for its regulatory-driven digital asset exchange. Prime Trust also partnered with Signature Bank to give customers access to the commercial bank’s Signet platform to fund and settle their accounts in real-time.

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About Prime Trust
Prime Trust is an industry-leading open banking solutions firm that provides financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy. It powers mobile banking apps, exchanges, OTC desks, portals, platforms, brokers, investment advisors, exchanges, real-estate syndicators, and others with smart API solutions to create world-class financial services at scale. The open-banking solutions provided by Prime Trust include institutional and retail account types including custodial, IRA, trust, and escrow, along with payment processing, AML and KYC compliance, asset custody, transaction technology and tax reporting. For more information, visit

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