A new currency, which aims to be a money system that works like a currency is called Nano. As per its business model, one can use the Nano to buy things and services at a lower rate of money. The Nano will work like a store card. But unlike Visa or MasterCard, Nano does not have any service charges. In addition, it does not involve a down payment or any other fee for purchasing goods or services. So, a Nano card user has a chance to save his money for some other purpose. If the person can’t meet his budget then he can just go out and buy another one.

Nano cards also are linked with a merchant account system. This means that the user can check out with a credit card terminal, even if he is abroad. The Nano can be used to pay off rent, mortgage, bills, transportation etc. It can also be used to purchase goods and services from online stores which are not available offline. Nano payments are more secure than the usual credit card payments. It is possible to charge all kinds of purchases using Nano in a single transaction. Transactions are safe and secure and anyone can use this kind of payment card.

One can also make purchases from websites through the direct access option. The advantage of using direct access is that they are cheaper as compared to any other card scheme. However, it is important to know the basic information about the credit card before making any purchases. Any information or error that is disclosed by the customer will lead to the loss of funds. No unverified transactions are allowed. It is necessary to have a Nano card to get a prepaid debit card. Once you are done with the deal, you can use the prepaid card to get your Nano.

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