iExec RLC

There is one more option for executing a transaction on the IExec Platform. If you’re not completely certain as to what it means, then let me explain. This option is just as important as the previous two. It’s just that the difference here is that this option comes in the form of a new platform called the IExchange. This is the software that allows for the execution of various cryptocurrency transactions.

The question remains; will the IExchange replace the IExec Platform? This is quite debatable. For starters, IExchange is still in its infancy and there are a lot of issues which need to be sorted out before the platform becomes widely accepted. There have been many people who claim that the company behind the development of the IExchange is a scam. Others claim that the company behind the development of the exchange is in fact a well thought out corporation who really knows what they’re doing.

Another issue about the exchange is that it only trades on two main exchanges. They claim that this is to protect the IExchange from users who may wish to trade on other exchanges. However, that claim has yet to be proven. After all, a user could just use the IExchange software to trade any number of other currencies than just bitcoin. All it would take is the use of a couple of software programs and an Exchange account to achieve this. You can never be too safe when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They have the potential to become the next trillion dollar market.

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