First Bitcoin SV Massive Open Online Course Launched

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, has announced the official launch of the world’s first Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC), produced in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and its dedicated Saxion Blockchain Institute in the Research Group Blockchain.

The very first online course to start,’What’s Bitcoin and does this matter?’, can be obtained from February 5 to September 1, also provides an introduction to Bitcoin as a tech – covering its own system, protocol, network, blockchain and digital money. The classes, including all tests, are offered at no cost and are accessible through Saxion University for anyone, anywhere in the world, interested in learning about Bitcoin.

‘What’s Bitcoin and does this matter?’ Will be the first of four proposed MOOCs to be made in partnership between Bitcoin Association and also Saxion University, together with prospective classes set to build on the knowledge obtained in prior classes, a portion of an innovative curriculum that will gradually go into more technically innovative content.

In the conclusion of each program, participants will be encouraged to take an examination to demonstrate their competence in the topic matter, using a Saxion University class certification available upon successful conclusion.

The collection of MOOCs will be taught with an eye on Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), a recovery of the initial Bitcoin protocol prescribed by founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Since Satoshi pictured, the Bitcoin SV system climbs unbounded, easing high trade throughput for nominal prices (the median price to send a trade on the Bitcoin SV system in 2020 was significantly less than 1/100 of a U.S. penny ) and empowering a plethora of enterprise information broadcasts specific to its blockchain.

To learn more and enrol in’What’s Bitcoin and does this matter?’ , see:

“Education is a core part of the job we perform in Bitcoin Association. After a lot of years of misinformation regarding Bitcoin, we’re devoted to helping students and business professionals understand that Bitcoin isn’t supposed to be an electronic gold shop of value; it’s equally a more efficient methods for Internet payments along with a worldwide data protocol. The Bitcoin SV system is demonstrating what’s possible using a blockchain that may scale unbounded and ease massive quantities of low-fee payment and information arrangements, using a plethora of innovative business programs starting to emerge out of a cross-section of businesses.

Additionally talking, Dr Jan Veuger, Professor of Blockchain in Saxion University of Applied Sciences, stated:

“In the Saxion Blockchain Institutewe plan to educate interdisciplinary abilities for the progress of blockchain engineering. Together with the huge open online classes that we’re growing, which can be concentrated on Bitcoin’s unique protocol and Bitcoin SV,” we would like to make sure that everybody – be they students, professionals or otherwise – has access to the very best blockchain instruction to help build the next wave of innovation utilizing Satoshi Nakamoto’s layout for Bitcoin. This cooperation is unique since this is one of those elemental disruptions in the world.”

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