Electroneum ETN

Are you wondering why Electroneum is now getting so much attention as the new “gold rush” in the crypto currency market? It has something to do with the two words “Fiat Currencies” and it’s many advantages. For one thing, it’s zero percent interest payment systems. Zero percent means the money is directly into your bank account or is credited to your PayPal account. Since your money isn’t in circulation anywhere, any transaction can be confirmed in a matter of minutes. Secondly, it’s a “fractional reserve” system as opposed to a “fractional issue” system, which means the money isn’t in the banks account because it was taken out of your bank account.

Thirdly, Electroneum is a network where transactions are made, and the power to do this is at the hands of each individual accounts. There is no central authority. A fee is charged for processing each transaction, and once you pay the fee, then you are protected from “fraudulent” activities.

Another reason why Electroneum is popular and attracting large numbers of new investors is because of its use as a payment system. Many people have been looking for a decentralized way to make payments, and it has succeeded. You can pay your Electroneum providers in different ways. You can use it as a “coin” but to make it secure, you must buy a “Smart Contract”. This Smart Contract will allow Electroneum to be sent to your account from the provider without spending any time and effort.

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