DMEX Launches Public No-Gas Derivatives Trading

DMEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has launched public trading of derivatives with no gas fees in response to the growing demand for new products among crypto users and rising fees on the Ethereum network.

The launch comes after rigorous testing of the system’s attributes has shown its successful operation and easy user experience. DMEX reduced gas prices to a near zero degree by employing xDAI sidechain for processing transactions, while retaining user funds saved on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are now able to send withdrawal requests in the xDAI trading contract into the Ethereum custody arrangement, bypassing gas prices.

DMEX provides users a choice of trading currencies and endless contracts with around 100x leverage, together with BTC, ETH, or DAI as margin monies. One of the benefits that set DMEX besides additional crypto exchanges would be the capability to keep whole custody of money while trading and no KYC procedures.

The new market alternatives and user experience offered by DMEX has witnessed high demand among professional dealers searching for more dependable platforms free from third party stress as the sector is slowly moving away from centralized trading into decentralized platforms. The dealers’ requirement for anonymity and urge to refrain in the constraints set by regulations can also be giving exchanges such as DMEX, using their lack of KYC requirements, the focus and community service that guarantees their growth.

The DMEX development group is intent on expanding the performance and capabilities of this system. The market also intends to expand its market presence and occupy a bigger share of this decentralized trading business, basing its growth on the merchandise offering and value to consumers.

The DMEX platform welcomes traders to check its performance and follow the most recent news of the market on the official site and through its Twitter account.

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