Chain Mainnet Launch

Geared toward stress testing the system in a practical, real-world setting prior to public release. Crossfire marks a significant milestone and last step in preparation for mainnet. Participating Validators have the chance to compete with each other while finishing tasks.

In the past year, the Chain Has received enormous support from the community and business partners. Croeseid, the most recent testnet, features a new codebase based on the Cosmos SDK and has achieved great success with 50+ validators deployed and over 800,000 transactions processed.

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, said: “With The Mainnet manufacturing dry run, we are entering the last stretch on the path to go-live. The Crossfire contest for validators with $300,000 in rewards is a critical part of stress testing the system before the much anticipated launch.”

The Cosmos SDK, upon which the Chain is built, promotes Scalability, usability and coin interoperability. Cosmos’ inter-blockchain communication (IBC) module allows cross-chain strength transfers and communications that offer strong support for DeFi use cases, a core component of’s product roadmap. Chain mainnet proceeds to embrace Tendermint Core as its own consensus engine, one of the most mature Byzantine-fault tolerant (BFT) consensus motors for building proof-of-stake systems, and its codebase is released on Github here written in the Go programming language.

Crossfire Validator Competition

Those interested in becoming a validator can begin registering at 13:00 UTC, 17 December 2020, with the contest period running from 04:00 UTC, 18 January 2021 through 03:59 UTC, 15 February 2021.

Crossfire Validator Tasks: (Notice: no minimal CRO staking requirement)

Entrance tasks – Establishing validator nodes and keeping them online
Complete tasks for added rewards:
○ Submitting transactions to the network for an opportunity to win the jackpot
○ Proposal voting participation
○ Perform node customer update
○ Watch and report valid network attacks via Chain GitHub
○ Compete with other validators to eventually become one of the best 10 Most Valuable Participants (MVPs)

Crossfire Validator Benefits:
Valuable Participants. Each eligible participant may get CRO rewards upon completion of jobs:

Entry tasks – Up to USD 1,000 each (200 winners)
Network update – up to USD 150 each (200 winners)
Jackpot – Up to USD 10,000
MVP Prize – USD 13,000 shared one of the top 10 validators
Network attack sharing, bug and bounty program – Up to USD 50,000 shared by contributors
Referrals – We encourage participants to refer their friends to join the Crossfire dry run too. Eligible referrers and referees will be given a benefit of 50 USD worth of CRO each.
Additional details about the prize pool and benefits breakdown can be found here.

Sign up to become a validator here. To learn more about setting up a validator or a complete node on Chain, click here.

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