BitTorrent BTT

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing software program. It is used by thousands of users around the world to share large and small files. The system is designed to distribute files through a network of people who are already downloading it. This system has been growing in popularity since its inception over a decade ago, because it has the ability to support unlimited download speeds, meaning that even if you have a slower connection, you can still access the Internet as quickly as possible.

These days, BitTorrent has become so well known that people use it to share large files with other users and this often gets them into trouble with the law. This is because if they were caught sharing copyrighted material, the content owner could sue for damages and seek hefty fines. However, because BitTorrent does not store data, there is no risk to the user, therefore, they get away with sharing their material, because it is no longer stored somewhere that could be subpoenaed.

In addition to this, the system is open source software, which means that anyone is free to use it, modify it and redistribute it. But they do have to be careful as BitTorrent is an incredibly popular tool on the Internet. Because of this, there are many people that create torrents of their own without bothering to get permission from others first. This is known as piracy. However, BitTorrent has come up with a number of clever legal methods to protect itself against copyright infringement.

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