Aeternity AE

Aeternity AE, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum platform, is now being promoted by its creators and developers. In general, it is said that they are not targeting an IPO anytime soon and they prefer to be very discreet about their business activities. Although most of the CryptoCurrencies can be exchanged with US dollars and other major currencies, Aeternity AE has more than just the common features of many of its competitors. It is an Exclusive Monero (XMR) based Cryptocurrency. The founders of Aeternity AE were students at the University of Nicosia and started developing this program as a result of their interests in Applied Cryptography. The Aeternity AE trading platform was developed by Cryptopia who are based in Europe.

Aeternity AE, as mentioned earlier, is a decentralized, private chain platform for trading Cryptocurrencies. You can make a transaction with the use of Ethereum Classic tokens for it. It was developed by a team that consisted of Dr Michael Mas and Russel B in partnership with two other developers from Jaxx Ltd. Currently, the Aeternity AE can be traded on the Cryptopia exchange which is the largest Cryptocurrency exchange network in the world. The Coinmarketcap website claims that Aeternity AE, as of June 21, 2020, was ranked 4th on the list of top traded cryptocurrencies and is one of the highest valued cryptocurrencies.

There are many advantages that you get with Aeternity AE, but one of the most important is the low transaction costs. You do not have to pay a brokerage fee which is a great benefit for most beginners as they usually have very little or no funds for investments. It also offers many features like built-in trading robots that can help you predict market trends. In a nutshell, this is a Cryptocurrency that is considered to be new and revolutionary because of its unique features. And unlike other similar products, Aeternity AE does not have a common development team that is called ‘Team Aeternus’.

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